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Transcriptome reveals phosphate responses
Microarrays are increasingly being used for global expression studies and over the last few years this has been used to build up substantial information about the plant transcriptome. Using internet-based data ressources from previous analysis on Arabidopsis thaliana, Danish researchers have dissected the complex regulatory network involved in responses to phosphate deprivation. Tom Hamborg Nielsen and co-workers from University of Copenhagen and Aalborg University evaluated the functional relationship between several transcription factors, microRNAs (miRNAs) and feedback loops that contribute to keep P-homeostasis. The authors propose a model for the complex coordinated responses to phosphate starvation, which affect all parts of the plant and include Pi-signalling miRNAs that are transported via the phloem. However, the model still lacks any sensor of P-status, since the precise role of several recent candidates for this crucial function still needs to be verified.
Read full article here: Nilsson et al (June 2010) Physiologia Plantarum 139: 129-143

Weed pollute the air
Source: Hickman et al (1 June 2010) PNAS 107: 10115-10119
Chromatin Profiling of Individual Cell Types
Source: Deal & Henikoff (15 June 2010) Developmental Cell 18: 1030-1040

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EPSO Conference first time in Scandinavia

'Plants for Life' is the theme of the EPSO Conference. From
The 5th EPSO Conference Plants for Life will take place in Olos, Lapland, from 29 August to 2 September 2010. The conference precedes the 6th SPPS PhD student conference (see another article in this issue of SPPS Newsletter) organised by SPPS, which is also sponsor of 5th EPSO Conference. SPPS students benefit from a reduction of €50 off the EPSO conference registration fee (registering as "Personal Member" students).

This makes it a wonderful opportunity to take in both events and enjoy a very inspiring line up of speakers on diverse topics of plant science. So if you want to network, rub shoulders with prospective colleagues and share your thoughts, it would be a pleasure to meet you at 5th EPSO Conference in Olos this year. You can fly directly from the EPSO to the SPPS conference without missing a session! The deadline for registration is 9 July 2010.

The 5th EPSO Conference takes place in the far north of Scandinavia. From
The Conference brings the latest unpublished research to your attention and addresses many of the challenges faced by the plant science community. Plant scientists and policy-makers from Europe and around the world will present and discuss cutting-edge science, plant science policy and societal issues. The list of featured speakers includes - but is not limited to - the following excellent scientists:
  • Keynotes:
    • Jonathan Jones - Sainsbury Laboratory (UK)
    • Olivier Voinnet - IBMP, Strasbourg (F)
  • Crop genomes:
    • Mike Bevan - John Innes Centre, Norwich (UK)
    • Pere Puigdomenech - Instituto de Biolog’a Molecular de Barcelona (E)
    • Jean-Christophe Glazmann - Université Lille Nord de France (F)
    • Alan Schulman - University of Helsinki (FI)
  • Breeding tools and strategies:
    • Arjen van Tunen - KeyGene (NL)
    • Maarten Koornneef - Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (D)
    • Richard Thompson - INRA, Dijon (F)
  • Plant health:
    • Thomas Boller - University of Basel (CH)
    • Ulrich Schurr - Research Centre Jülich (DE)
    • Dierk Scheel - Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Halle (D)
  • Science Policy:
    • Wilhelm Gruissem - ETH Zürich (CH)
    • Tim Willis - Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UK)
    • Shivaji Pandey - FAO (I)
  • Climate change and plant production:
    • Heribert Hirt - University of Vienna (A)
    • Philippe Ciais - Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (F)
    • Chiara Tonelli - University of Milan (I)
    • Mark Fennell - University College Dublin (IRL)
  • Climate, ecosystems and genomics:
    • Ian Woodward - University of Sheffield (UK)
    • Jenny McElwain - University College Dublin (IRL)
    • Gail Taylor - University of Southampton (UK)
    • Alexander Platt - Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna (A)
  • Biodiversity:
    • Bernhard Schmid - University of Zurich (CH)
    • Hugh W. Pritchard - Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK)
  • From plant architecture to traits:
    • Jan Traas - INRA, Lyon (F)
    • Jane Langdale - University of Oxford (UK)
    • Dani Zamir - Hebrew University of Jerusalem (IL)
    • Ruben Gutzat - ETH Zurich (CH)
  • Tree biology for multiple uses:
    • Stefan Jansson - Umeå Plant Science Center (S)
    • Wout Boerjan - VIB, Ghent (B)
    • Tomas Vanek - Institute of Experimental Botany, Prague (CZ)
    • Hely Haeggman - University of Oulu (FI)
  • From metabolites and recombinant proteins to plant-made-pharmaceuticals:
    • Maurice Moloney - Rothamsted Research (UK)
    • Kazuki Saito - RIKEN, Yokohama (JP)
    • Eva Stoger - University of Natural Resources and S35 Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (A)
    • Werner Roos - Martin Luther University Halle (D)
  • Plants nutritional quality and value:
    • Riitta Puupponen-Pimia - VTT, Espoo (FI)
    • Bruce Osborne - University College Dublin (IRL)
    • Michel Oren-Shamir - Volcani Centre, Bet-Dagan (IL)
  • From photosynthesis to solar fuels:
    • Bill Rutherford - CEA, Saclay (F)
    • Kazimierz Strzalka - Jageillonian University, Krakow (PL)
  • Workshops on Outreach and Education:
    • Jan Kellmann - ax Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena (D)
  • Research Action Plan Plants for the Future:
    • Ulrich Schurr - Forschungszentrum Jülich (D)
    • Karin Metzlaff - VTT, Espoo (FI)
The members of the Local Organising Committee are:
  • Eva-Mari Aro, Turku, FI
  • Paula Elomaa, Helsinki, FI
  • Hely Häggman, Oulu, FI
  • Jaakko Kangasjärvi, Helsinki, FI
  • Kristiina Mäkinen, Helsinki, FI
  • Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey (local coordinator), Espoo, FI
  • Tapio Palva, Helsinki, FI
  • Heiko Rischer, Espoo, FI
  • Anneli Ritala, Espoo, FI
  • Alan Schulman, Jokioinen, FI
  • Teemu Teeri, Helsinki, FI
You can find more information about the EPSO conference on the official website.

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