Proceedings from the PhD conference in Lycksele
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Strawberries with ethylene
It is the right season for strawberries and they should be enjoyed with lots of fresh cream - and ethylene. A strawberry is a very peculiar fruit as the fleshy part is derived from the non-ovarian receptacle tissue, and it has been postulated that ripening of strawberries was not dependent on ethylene. But Pietro Iannetta from Scottish Crop Research Institute and co-workers show in a careful study that ethylene is certainly important for fruit development. Using laser photoacoustic spectroscopy they demonstrated diurnal fluctuations in ethylene production during ripening and a continuously increasing production in red, mature berries.
Read full article here: Iannetta et al (June 2006) Physiologia Plantarum 127: 247-259

Ancient Figs Beat Record for Human Agriculture
Source: Kislev et al (2 June 2006) Science 312: 1372-1374
Enzymes Spice Up Plant Scent
Source: Koeduka et al (12 June 2006) PNAS doi:10.1073/pnas.0603732103

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Proceedings from the PhD conference in Lycksele

Jens Øbro and Iben Sørensen from University of Copenhagen receive the poster price. Photo by Tom Hamborg Nielsen.
The SPPS PhD conference in Lycksele is now over. It took place from June 15-18 2006 in Lycksele in Swedish Lappland and all together 75 persons participated - almost twice as many as the last SPPS PhD conference. The organizing committee had selected 24 students to present their work in a 20 minutes oral presentation, while 32 other students presented a poster with their experimental results. In addition, 7 international scientists had been invited to give plenary lectures.

PhD student Sara V. Petersson from Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) in Sweden were honoured with a prize of SEK 5000 for the best oral presentation. In the presentation, she described her work on cellular levels of auxin in the roots of Arabidopsis. Another prize for the best oral presentation (SEK 2500) were given to Jens Øbro and Iben Sørensen from University of Copenhagen for their poster on carbohydrate microarrays. Mathieu Castelain from UPSC also received the poster prize for his work on functional characterization of phloem genes.

The 'kubb' tournament was played in beautiful sorroundings. Photo by Tom Hamborg Nielsen.
Most of the participants were PhD students from the Scandinavian countries, but even students from France, Germany, Iran and South Korea had made it to the North. A tournament in the old Swedish ball-and-stick game, kubb, was arranged for everone, and those who dared dressed up for white-water rafting.

All abstracts presented at the conference can be assessed on the conference website.

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