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Membranes, superoxide and cell walls
Cell wall lignin is formed by peroxidases through oxidation of monolignols to radicals that can subsequently polymerize to lignin. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used as an oxidant and is produced by various enzymes in the plasma membrane. In order to study this process in Norway spruce (Picea abies), Anna Kärkönen from University of Helsinki - Secretary General of SPPS - and her colleagues from Finland, Germany and Austria first had to develop a protocol for purification of plasma membranes from the lignin-forming tissues of this species, as its phenolics-rich tissues have hitherto made such attempts unsuccessful. Modified homogenization buffers and two-phase partitioning enabled preparation of partially purified plasma membranes from both developing xylem and tissue-cultured cells. The membrane fractions contained several redox-enzymes capable of producing superoxide (O2•-) in the presence of NADH or NADPH. Some of these enzymes were identified by staining or mass spectrometry while others were characterized by how superoxide production was affected by substrate (NADP or NADPH) and activators like naphthoquinones juglone and menadione.
Read full article here: Kärkönen et al (December 2014) Physiologia Plantarum 152: 599

Have your timber and keep the forests
Source: Bicknell et al (3 September 2014) Current Biology 24: pR1119
Gene cluster promises insect resistant rice
Source: Liu et al (8 December 2014) Nature Biotechnology doi:10.1038/nbt.3069

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