Inspiring “Fascination of Plants Day” meeting

Representatives from various Nordic plant science institutions met on 8 December for an inspiration meeting for the upcoming “Fascination of Plants Day 2017”. The meeting took place at Arlanda in Stockholm and was initiated by Stefan Jansson, president of SPPS.

The participants exchanged experiences and ideas and decided to join their efforts to organise a Scandinavian-wide video competition for the “Fascination of Plants Day 2017”. School classes (school year 6–8, ages 12–14) are invited to submit short videos on the subject of “Humans and Plants: Why plants are fascinating and why they are important to us”.

The best videos will be awarded in every Nordic country. All national winner videos will go into a second round to select the best Scandinavian video. The awards will be monetary prices. The competition will be open from February until April 2017. Contact is the Swedish national coordinator of the “Fascination of Plants Day”, Jens Sundström.

Jens Sundström
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Universitetslektor, Institutionen för växtbiologi
Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet