SPPS turns 70 – Apply for an SPPS Promote Plant Science grant!

The mission of SPPS is to promote plant science in the Nordic countries. SPPS was founded in 1947, and to celebrate that we turn 70 we ask for creative ideas on how plant science could best be promoted. The task is to convince the public and decision-makers that what we do is not only fun but also important.

Plant scientists sometimes do this, for example during “Fascination of plant day” that is to be celebrated next time in May 2017. But the fascination of plants should not only be communicated during one day, and maybe persons (artists, musicians, poets, youtubers, photographers or astronauts) that so far have not been engaged in such activities may have excellent ideas on how to inspire and demonstrate the importance of plants and plant science.

Therefore, SPPS has decided to set aside funds for creative ideas that could promote plant science in the Nordic countries. You could be an artist, computer game developer, photographer or just a creative individual with a brilliant idea to raise the public awareness of plants. You may apply for up to 70 000 Swedish/Norwegian/Danish kronor (or 7000 €) for a project that would promote plant science.

The winner is to make a creative project that promotes plant science in Scandinavia. The application should include a detailed description of the project as well as the budget. Be aware of the fact that tax rules will apply if you want part of the sum for your own salary; the applicant is responsible for finding these things out. To apply, fill in the form you can download at the bottom of this page and send it to office@spps.fi by September 1st 2017.

The intention is to fund one project, but if several very good applications will come, this could be reconsidered.

Application for the SPPS 70th anniversary grant to promote plant science