Staff changes in the SPPS/Physiologia Plantarum offices

Leif Nord has retired from Physiologia Plantarum and Anke Carius is the new SPPS secretary. The Physiologia Plantarum editorial office has also seen some changes in staff roles.

Managing editor Leif Nord retired from Physiologia Plantarum in February 2017, after having worked in the editorial office for well over thirty years. Leif Nord studied mathematics and chemistry at Lund University, and received a PhD degree in chemistry from the same university in 1982. He started as technical editor for Physiologia Plantarum in 1985, working together with then Editor-in-Chief Anders Kylin. He has then served as managing editor under Editors-in-Chief Chris H. Bornman, Per Gardeström, and Vaughan Hurry. Physiologia Plantarum and SPPS thank Leif Nord for his long service to the journal, and wish him all the best for his well-deserved retirement.

Dr Anke Carius

From 1 January 2017 Anke Carius is the new SPPS society secretary, and also journal assistant in the Physiologia Plantarum editorial office. She replaces Maria Lundmark, who is the new technical editor for Physiologia Plantarum. Anke Carius is originally from Jülich, Germany. She graduated from the University of Bonn, and in 2012 defended her thesis on redox relations in anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems in Magdeburg. In the same year she came to Umeå Plant Science Centre, for a post-doc in Prof. Göran Samuelsson’s group. From 2014 she has worked with Prof. Leif Jönsson at the Department of Chemistry, Umeå University. Anke is an avid equestrian, and prides herself on being a Squire of the Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding.

In addition to the above changes, there has been a shift of duties in the Physiologia Plantarum editorial office. Dr Karin Fredrikson has taken over as managing editor for the journal, and Jan Eklöf is now the journal’s production editor. Maria Lundmark is currently on maternal leave, but will take up the role of technical editor when she returns.