Membership in SPPS

Becoming a member of SPPS is simple.

First you signup via the SPPS online system and register yourself.

Then you login to the system with your user identification and get access to the restricted contents and the pay fee page.

If you are unable to complete the signup and pay the membership fee, for some reason, you can always contact the SPPS office directly and get help. Note that you are not a member until you have paid your membership fee and it has been registered in the system. So, if you chose the pay later option with bank transfer it may take some weeks to get access to the members only areas.

Notice that, for paying congress fees and subscriptions as well as renewing your membership online you must login to the system with your user identifications. In order to get access to the payment page you need to login first.


So, why should you join?

If you are interested in plant science or work within the field then Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society is the society for you. It is important to point out that even if we are a Scandinavian society, our members are from all over the world and all are welcomed to join. In addition to getting in contact with colleagues by attending the SPPS meetings at discount membership prices there are  some other member benefits as well:

  • SPPS newsletter
  • Free online access to Physiologia Plantarum, also to the archives (starting from Vol. 1, 1948)
  • Subscription of Physiologia Plantarum paper copy at member price
  • Discounts on registration fees to SPPS and FESPB Congresses
  • Travel grants

The membership fees of SPPS are quite modrate. You can pay a yearly membership fee but for your convenience there is also a five year membership available at a very low cost. Furthermore, students can join at half the prize. The membership  fees are currently:

  • Regular membership, 30 €
  • Regular membership, 5 years, 100 €
  • Student membership, 15 €
  • Student membership, 5 years, 50 €

Membership price subscriptions of the SPPS journal, Physiologia Plantarum, can be made on the subscription page (under journal in the menu above):

  • Physiologia Plantarum paper copy, 1 year, 140 €