The new council brings a few changes

The membership fee will now be charged in Euros.

As reported in the last issue of SPPS Newsletter the council has now moved from Copenhagen to Helsinki. This brings a few changes to the SPPS Newsletter, the homepage, and the membership payment system.

Starting from April 1, the SPPS membership fee will be charged in Euros. The membership fee is 30 €, while membership fee plus subscription of Physiologia Plantarum is 150 euros. If you have not paid the membership fee yet, we encourage you to pay the membership fee as soon as possible. If the fee has not been paid by the end of May 2009 the online access to Physiologia Plantarum will be finished on 1st of July.

In the future SPPS will change to the system in which the membership fees for the following year will be collected beforehand, i.e., before the start of the corresponding year. That is why SPPS starts reminding you about the membership fee already in autumn.

The Homepage and the Newsletter will now reside on a Finnish server that can be accessed at the addresses and, respectively. The old address will continue to work for a period of time only, so make sure to bookmark the new addresses.

Over time we will also make some other changes to the Homepage. The section ‘Our Opinion’ will transferred to the Newsletter whenever therees is a subject we feel like giving an opinion. Instead, another tab called ‘Open Positions’ will be introduced. The idea of this new page is that research groups who have an open position (e.g. for a PhD or post doc) can post the information about the offerings there. After a certain period of time, the information will then automatically be removed.

We intend to make a system, so the research groups can post the information all by themselves, but until now the information must be submitted to the Society, so we can put it on the Homepage. More details about the procedure will be posted on the ‘Open positions’-page when it appears. In the near future, we will make similar changes to the ‘Meetings & Links’-page, so the organizers of plant conferences can post the information directly on the page.