Join the General Assembly


The SPPS General Assembly will take place on Wednesday 12 August at 2 PM in Aula Magna at Stockholm University during the SPPS Congress (Plant Biology Scandinavia). We urge all members to join the General Assembly as there are important issues on the agenda. First and foremost, a new President must be elected since the present one, Jaakko Kangasjärvi, is stepping down. He was elected president in 2009 and has held the post for three periods, which is the maximum according to the SPPS Bylaws. In an accompanying article you can read Jaakko’s own story about the six years in front of SPPS.

Not only the President is stepping down, actually this goes for the whole Council. So another important issue on the agenda is to elect all 7 Council members, including those with special responsibilities as President (as already mentioned), Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer and Journal Responsible. The elections will take place during the General Assembly, so please show up and have your say! The agenda will also include the regular items:

  • Report about the Society’s preceding activities from the Council
  • News about Physiologia Plantarum from the Journal Responsible
  • Financial report from the Auditors

If you have any suggestions to the agenda, please don’t hesitate to contact the election committee or SPPS secretariat at