SPPS Awards

SPPS awards have been established to recognise the work and achievements done in advancement of plant physiology and plant science in general. In the general assembly of 2011 it was decided to establish three new awards in addition to the Popularisation Prize and there are currently four awards given out by SPPS. The awards are given out in the biannual SPPS Congress and membership of the society is not a requirement for receiving an award. A call for nominations is put out by the Council in the autumn prior to the SPPS Congress. The awards are not, however, necesarily given out in every congress pending on the nominations received and the decision of the Council.

SPPS Popularisation Prize

The SPPS Popularisation Prize is a monetary award of honor to encourage plant biologists to bring research results to the public. The prize can be given to a person who has clearly popularised plant biology in newspapers, journal articles, books, television, radio or other public forums.

SPPS Early Career Award

The SPPS Early Career Award is a monetary award to an early career scientist based in Scandinavia. The award is granted to a young, highly talented scientist, who has shown good progress and made significant, independent contributions to Scandinavian plant biology. All young plant biologists based in Scandinavia are eligible for the award as long as they have received their doctoral degree less than 10 years before the SPPS Congress.

SPPS Award

The SPPS Award is a monetary award given to a scientist based in Scandinavia in recognition of his/her outstanding, merited contribution to the science of plant biology in Scandinavia.

Physiologia  Plantarum  Award

The Physiologia Plantarum Award is a monetary award to a scientist that has made outstanding contributions to plant science in the areas that are covered by Physiologia Plantarum.  This could be either lifetime contributions or recent breakthrough-type of contributions.

Procedures. Members will be invited to send in nominations for all awards in the autumn preceding the SPPS Congress. Members of the Council cannot be nominated but the Council can make a nomiantion.  The SPPS Council will evaluate all the nominees for the Awards and the Editor-in-Chief of Physiologia Plantarum with the help of subeditors and the Journal Responsible Council member will evaluate all applications for the Physiologia Plantarum Award and make a recommendation to the SPPS Council. The SPPS Council will then select the SPPS and Physiologia Plantarum Award winners.

All awards are officially given out at the SPPS Congress. The winners will be invited to present their work in the congress and they will be invited to publish in Physiologia Plantarum. The winners will also receive a certificate in addition to the monetary award.